The Final Post

THANKS FOR AN AWESOME SEMESTER!  You were a wonderful group to work with.  Here’s the pics as a reminder.  sillypreib

serious preib

Tuesday, March 3rd

Luckily for us, this cancellation doesn’t really matter too much.  You would have spent the class working on your draft and reading.  Now you get to do it in the comfort of your own home!  Finish your first draft for tomorrow.  Don’t stress.  Write.  Get your ideas down.  We will spend the next week perfecting how you present them.  Right now, it’s the ideas that matter, as well as putting them in focused paragraphs.

Also, spend some time reading.   Go through your notebook first to see if there are areas that you haven’t started to fill in.  By the end of the week, I’d like you to have two entries in each section.

Enjoy your day.

Pace Yourself Guidelines (ish)

Wednesday, March 4th — a complete first draft

Monday, March 9th — second draft with research

Wednesday, March 11th — third draft

Friday, March 13th — Good Copy and Folders

Storm Afternoon Work

Here we go again.  Today I wanted to continue our discussion about methods for persuasion.  Some time ago–I can’t remember when–we looked at the blue hair girl and Rex Murphy’s Cellphones.   Both used tone–sarcasm and verbal irony–to get their points across.  The last few we looked at used figurative language–metaphor, analogy etc to convince.  This time we are going to look at a very serious issue and decide how Shane Koyczan gets his point across.  You should have the handout from Ms Mitchell. You can also view the youtube video here:

1. Annotate the poem:  what figurative devices is he using?  Underline as you listen/read.

2. Pick your two favourite examples from #1.  Why/how are they effective?

3. Do a five minute freewrite after you read/listen.

Tuesday, February 24th

Write a short paragraph where you use analogy to make a point about one of the following (you are explaining or persuading, not describing):

-The life of a pre-IB student
-The cafeteria food
-The halls of Colonel Gray
-Winter or summer on PEI
-Snow days
-Safety of driving/walking these days
-Your choice

This this the third writing assignment.  There first two:  your pet peeve/rant and your snow day poem.

Thursday…the third day

Can’t believe it.   I worked at school today and if  you could crawl out my window ( a few of you might fit) then you could walk right down the bank to the parking lot.  M. Arsenault actually walked up and knocked on my window.  So weird.

Tomorrow, read some more of your novel.  This time, start looking at character development.  Pick a character to start tracking and make some notes in your journal.  If you don’t have either home, there’s not much we can do.  You’ll just be well rested and can do more homework next week 😉

I’ve decided to add another assignment.  I want you to read Billy Collins’ “Snow Day” and complete the following:

1.  Write out a line where Collins uses a: metaphor and one where he uses a simile.  Comment on the purpose of each.

2.  Write out your favourite image and explain why.

3. Write your own free verse poem entitled “Snow Day” or “Snow Days” or your own snow/clean-up title.  Use at least one simile, one metaphor and use imagery that allows the reader to see, hear and feel your experience with the snow and its after effects this week. (Please, no rhyming poems…I want free verse so you concentrate on the content, not the end word!)

Wednesday, February 18th

Holy Moly, guys.  This has been quite a start to the school year.  I am going to give you a little work to do tomorrow, so we aren’t too far behind.  I want you to read the following article:,9171,149453,00.html

As you read, record (write out the quote or underline if you print):

1. One simile

2. One metaphor

3. One extended metaphor

4. One allusion

5. One sentence that states the author’s purpose and how he achieves that purpose.

ALSO—do some reading in your novel.  Record some questions that you have as well as at least two different ways that the author uses language (this might be use of figurative language, imagery, specific diction, etc.)  There’s no right or wrong answer–you’re just exploring.


Tuesday, February 11th

Post a response to blog assignment #2 by Thursday evening.  Respond to your group mates by Sunday night.

Notebook How to:HERE

Monday, February 9th

Well…it’s been a while.  Lots of snow and lots of catch up to do.  Tonight, I want you to complete assignment one on the blog and respond on your group’s page. Then, Tuesday night, you must respond to two of your group mates.  I want you to extend the discussion.  Do this by agreeing with and adding to someone’s points, or by disagreeing and stating why–with evidence of course.  Try to do both if you can.

Group One: Matthew A, Alex A, Noah B, Alex C, Claire, Lauren, Olivia

Group Two:  Julie, Ian, Ross, Megan, Isabelle, Tori

Group Three: Sydney, Grace, Rosanna, Daniel, Catherine, Natalie

Group Four: Shealyn, Thomas, Jonathan, Sam, Minnie, Connie

Welcome to the class!

Click here to access the syllabus 2015

Complete the following for the next day:

Letter of Introduction:

 1.  Introduce yourself to me–tell me what you’d like me to   know about you.  Make me glad I’ve got you in my class! 

 2. Tell me what you learned about readin‘ and writin‘ last semester.

 3. Tell me what you learned about yourself  last semester.

 4. Tell me what your goals for this course are.  

 5. While this is not a formal assignment, and it is not for marks, I’d like you to put some thought into this.  Feel free to include visuals  if  you think they will help with your  introduction.